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Try it, study at us and have fun!
We put the customer’s claims forward in our every services. We make an effort to insure the largest comfort in your quiet and smooth holiday. We ensure transfer between the hotel and dive place in every case. We take underwater pictures and we will send these to the brave diver on CD.

Test dive
The dive starts from the beach cause of the beginners’ fears. If the starts happening from the boat, it scares the people who goes to the water at first. Our target is the lasting and positive experience. So the beginners go to water hand in hand with the high qualified instructors, in this case get used to the ocean. We suggest this opportunity who never tried the scuba dive.

The program’s time: 3 hours
Price: EUR 60 / Person

Diving from boat
There are some dive places which we approach by ship. It’s a perfect chance for the advanced diver and divers who got diver certificate. During the boat trip we can meet dolphins. In this case the diving happens from Catamaran.

The program’s time: 5 hours
Price: EUR 65 / Person

The program can be kept minimum of 4

Wreck diving
More wrecks are located in waters of Tenerife. If you aspire to underwater adventure try this opportunity. Should not omit these places if you are an experienced diver. You can do that with us!

The program’s time: 5 hours
Price: EUR 45 / Person

Group diving
We provide group diving opportunities for examined divers. You have a chance joint diving with dive leader and the place where we will dive choose together. If you book in advance, please send an inquiry by e-mail.

Family day
Do you organize collective holiday with your friends and family members in addition there are children? More people would like to try the scuba diving from the team, but there are some not? The team doesn’t have to fall apart because we have a service, which is the family day.

This day provide facilities for diving, bathing and relaxing. While the half of team enjoy to diving, the others can taste delicious foods of Spain. We organize a barbecue at the coast for you and when the tired and hungry divers came out of the waters can join in the picnic.

The program’s time: 6 hours
Price: EUR 50 / Person

Our 2* dive instructor teach the accreditation of UEF. They teach the appliers with many years experiences. You can get knowledge in unique environment with very friendly and patient instructors.

Basic course

The course has in part of theoretical and practical education and the end is the open water exam. After 4 dives, the fifth opportunity is the exam. The course price is including the necessary equipments, books and the interactive cd.

Our target is not just an exam, but let us that you get richer with many experiences. You can discover the beautiful underwater world by the course.

Course price: EUR 300 + EUR 60 (registration fee)* / Person

Advanced course

If you would like to do this training, first you need a basic course and you will have 20 dives. There are several systems, so the others’ certified divers can apply for our advanced course. Preparing for the exam consists of 4 dives and all of them under 10 metres. The fifth dive is the exam. The course’s price is include the theoretical and practical education, the necessary equipment for the training.

Course price: EUR 270 + EUR 60 registration fee)* / Person

*Registration fee: Registration at once to the international system, which aims to the certificated divers can be identify by plastic card every diving centers all over the world. Paying the registration fee is indispensable.

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