“It was everlasting experience. Thank you. ”
Family Tóth

“Beautiful animals in beautiful environment and very good team. Thank you, Laci!”
Tamas Kovacs

“We will come to dive the next year, but for a course.”
Laszlo Kiss

“Very professional team, thanks for diving. ”
Agnes Szabo


Vip Dive Tenerife
Diving in Canary Islands

Diving is save in Canary Islands so the experience is guaranteed. It can be possible with us!
With the occasion of test dive, you can learn the basics of diving from professional Hungarian instructor. You can be part of the underwater world adventure due to personalized services of our company. Tenerife is a pearl of Canary Islands where You can try yourself in diving so can get experience and joy in that.

Among our exclusive offers, everybody can find the perfect. You can get experience this new and beautiful sea world from the coastal diving to the boat diving, from the turtle fondling to the wreck diving. Our offer is expanding continuously by newer and newer possibilities.
We are waiting the candidates who would like to try the test diving and who would like to get the basic or advanced course out in Tenerife.

Team of VIP Dive

CMAS Master-Instructor

I am Laszlo Csaba Klein. I was born on 28 January 1969. I was attracted to the extremes from my childhood. I take the life seriously but I take on it as a game. the big ones say that you need to live life as if it would be the last!
I was a professional solder, I was looking for the adrenalin bomb in a parachuting for a long time. I found the completeness in diving what I was looking. I got a CMAS master scuba instructor in 1999 and then I got a Master Scuba Instructor certificate in UEF in 2010. I develop my knowledge and skills continuously. I have been a technical leader of more successful expeditions.

I trained more hundreds of diver from the basics to the advanced in my career. I got know the beautiful island of Tenerife in 2007. I hesitated for a short time and I decided to stay here. The underwater world offers many attractions for the beginners and professional divers. My excellent experiences and successful divers can prove that who chooses me, will be safe with me.

CMAS 2* Scuba-instructor

I was born in Budapest, spring of 1963. My parents like the sports so I was taught swim by them. My competitor career began by a talent scout where I was selected. I was 17 when I got know the diving in a swimming pool. I watched Cousteau films with interest and so I liked the water and the ocean better. I attended competitions which were organized on local and international waters when I was orientation diver competitor. I won Hungarian Youth Championship.
I was dealing with young people for many years as a trainer. After I got a few instructor courses, I got my CMAS 2* diving instructor certificate in 1999. I taught diving for hundreds of people during my instructor career so they were able to pick the diving up at different levels. In my work the greatest motivation is when I can see happy faces of the beginners after they came back from the diving.


I was born in 1987. I was very young when I learned to swim and then I continued my youth sport career in diving. I think the first experience is very important because it determines how you stand to the things. It refers to diving and if I can I will show everybody the beautiful underwater world.

I fell in love with diving in Corfu when I was 10. Since I develop my knowledge continuously. My target is to be a diver instructor but until that time I am able to help for enthusiastic beginners as the youngest divemaster. Everybody find their favourite dive place, this is not miracle because We can meet turtles, dolphins, whales and lot of beautiful, colours and unique animals in the island’s surrounding waters. I can encourage everyone to see under the water if you visit the island.